Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well day one is nearing an end here in Guatemala!

We arrived last night after a short plane flight from DFW and went straight to the mission house and crashed.

Today we got to help the Parker's finish moving into there new house and hang out with some of the Clubhouse team.

We have already been able to ask questions and get a feel for what it would take both financially and physically to move here. We went to a local thrift store and I thought Bethany was going to die (or at least spend all the cash we brought on the trip!) We went to Guatemala's version of Cosco/Sams and where able to see what prices for appliances, washers/dryer, and bulk food would cost us. Prices are very similar to things in the states.

The week is looking like it is going to be packed and we are really excited about being able to see all the different feeding centers and ministries that are going on. I can already tell that it is going to be hard to leave on Friday!

Thanks for the continued prayers!

JD and Bethany

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