Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More from Guatemala!

This week has been great so far!

On Sunday we went to a local church that has partnered with Clubhouse and had a awesome time of worship! I hardly understood a word of it, but you could sense the presence of the Lord in the service and we had the honor of taking the Lord's Supper with them.

After church we booked it to a local store and bought food for three of the feeding programs and headed up the mountain to make deliveries, so the programs could have food for Mondays lunch.

On Monday we went and saw where the new camp is going to be built and watched as a backhoe begin to clear the land. The camp will be called "Camp Calvary" after our church back in Shreveport (Calvary Shreveport) that donated the money to build it!

After the camp we made another delivery to a new school very close to the El Salvador border. While we were waiting, Bethany and I got to walk back through what was essentially jungle (it was actually a bunch of fruit trees) with some folks from the church we went to Sunday and try some Guatemalan fruit straight off the tree. I really thought I was on an episode of Bizarre Foods.

On Monday we headed up to San Mateo to take pictures of the kids in feeding program to hopefully get them sponsored by people like you! Click here to see the kids and how you can sponsor them! (New pictures coming soon). We also shot video to use in our sponsorship campaign.

Today we head back up into the mountains to do some more video work and portraits! We are having a wonderful time and are starting to really see the possibility of us living here. There is so much need, even with all the missions agencies here! Please pray for us that God will continue to guide and direct us in this new adventure!

JD and Bethany

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